Origins of the Waltham Model 57

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(73K bytes) Preface January 20, 2005

(53K btyes) Table of Contents 01/20/05

(1.3M bytes) Main Paper February 23, 2007

(247K bytes) References August 18, 2005


Please note, tables are continually being updated (hopefully to be more correct and complete). While I have strived to validate much of the data recorded in these tables, that is not possible in most cases and the information from the source is taken verbatim. For example, 16 jewel movements are often mistakenly recorded as 15J and 11J movements are mistakenly recorded as 15J. Some data details are difficult to observe and might be misreported; e.g., information regarding escapements.

Data Sheet for recording data (11K 04/25/03)

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