Boston Watch Company Presentation

by Ron Price

please see the "Origins" monograph for current data

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Eight-Day 22S D.S. Marsh Watch
  3. Important Early References
  4. Chronology of Important Events
  5. Warren 44 Watch
  6. Samuel Curtis 899
  7. Dennison, Howard & Davis 1016 vs 4546
  8. Pillars of Samuel Curtis vs DH&D
  9. Progression of Pillar Plate Views
  10. Trains of Samuel Curtis vs DH&D
  11. Trains of DH&D Roxbury vs M57
  12. Different Potance Fastening Arrangements
  13. Different Watch Train Speeds
  14. Introduction of Design Changes
  15. B.W.Co. Hallmarks on Case 1062
  16. B.W.Co. Hallmarks on Case 1333
  17. B.W.Co. Cases
  18. Surviving Samuel Curtis Serial Nos.
  19. Surviving DH&D Serial Nos. (table)
  20. Surviving DH&D Serial Nos. (chart)
  21. AWCo. Serial Number Ledger
  22. AWCo. Sales of DH&D Watches
  23. Dennison, Howard & Davis #5000

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