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Important Early References

  1. Sketch of A.L. Dennison's life written by E.W. Dennison in February, 1871, in letter to solicitor, Mr. Schilling; donated to NAWCC Library by Philip Priestley.
  2. Copy of biographical sketch in Aaron Lufkin Dennison's hand writing; letter from a solicitor, Geo Dunning, in May 1877, to Eliphalet Whorf Dennison regarding his brother Aaron; donated to NAWCC Library by Philip Priestley.
  3. Autobiography of Aaron Lufkin Dennison (probably written in Birmingham, England, around 1880); donated to NAWCC Library by Philip Priestley.
  4. William H. Keith, past president AWCo. (1861-1866), Family Tale, 1883; includes letter from Edward Howard writing about events during period of 1842 to 1857.
  5. Hand Written Copy of Record Of Watches Made By The American Watch Company, (no author or date, but after 1883). Available on loan from NAWCC Library.
  6. Charles S. Crossman, The Complete History Of Watch Making In America, reprinted from the Jewelers' Circular and Horological Review, 1885-1887.
  7. The American Watch Company, Chapter L, Waltham (continued), pages 738-749, History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, J.W. Lewis & Co., 1890.
    Also published as: E.A. Marsh and approved by R.E. Robbins (AWCo.), History of Early Watchmaking in America, The Keystone, Nov. 1892, Dec., Jan., Feb., Mar.,& Apr. 1893.
  8. Henry G. Abbott, A Pioneer - History of the American Waltham Watch Co., American Jeweler Print, 1905.
  9. anonymous manuscript, probably written by E.A. Marsh in 1921 on the history of the Waltham Watch Company; Catalog Item RC-2, Waltham Watch Collection, Historical Collections Department, Baker Library, Harvard University.
  10. Physical evidence - surviving watches and their cases.

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