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Old and New Fastening Arrangements
of DH&D Potances


Old Method on S/N 2673

New Method on S/N 3027
A minor feature change was made on DH&D movements sometime around serial number 2600. This has to do with the method of fastening the potance to the underside of the top plate. The potance, 'U-Bridge' shape (some people call it the butterfly potance), is attached by a screw in the center of each foot of the potance. The potance also has a steady pin on each foot which protrudes through the top plate along with the screw hole as can be seen in pictures above. The original old fastening method has the steady pins on opposite corners whereas the new style has the steady pins on the same edge. This "new style" of fastening the DH&D potance was continued on the early AT&Co grade Model 57 movements and on Howard & Rice movements.

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