Greater Massachusetts Chapter 87 NAWCC

Micah Tasker

  Steve Murphy



Sunday, September 20, 2015
Spring Hill Suites
43 Newbury Street/Route 1N
Peabody, Mass

See Directions.   Hotel's map page.
Call Spring Hill Suites at 978-535-5000 for cancellation information.

8:15 A.M. - PRE-REGISTRATION begins.


8:30 A.M. - MART OPENS (& Look what I found display)

12:00 P.M. - MART CLOSES

Must be a member of NAWCC to attend Mart, but you can bring a guest.

Mart Registration $5 ($7 after 9/16); Full table $6 ($8 after 9/16).

Make checks payable to Greater Mass Chapter No. 87, NAWCC
Please mail your check and registration to:
Steve Murphy, P.O. Box 308, North Eastham, MA 02651

President's Message

I consider myself to be truly fortunate to have currently and had in the past, many people in my life that have mentored me and taught me some valuable lessons… the one that comes to mind today is that there is NO neutral in life… you are either growing or dying. I also believe that to be true of business or any organization. I believe that we all know that NAWCC and most of our chapters have not been growing in the last few years including Chapter #87. The GOOD NEWS is that I see that changing!

Everywhere around us I see positive signs in our hobby. There are records being set in dollars spent in high end watch advertising, auction prices for the best watches and clocks, to recently meeting a young man that is producing his own custom made watch cases to market his own line of wristwatches! I also see NAWCC bringing fresh ideas like the watch and clock ID day at the national convention and new programs like "Luxury or Lie?" spotting fake watches… I am seeing more people express interest at shows that are not exclusive watch venues like Brimfield. I have passed out A LOT of our coupons for a free "look see" for a Chapter # 87 show. Not only do I see some growth but more importantly… I see opportunity!

The Chapter #87 Board has come up with some ideas that I think have HUGE potential… like the "free look see coupons", passing out older Bulletins with Chapter #87 information included, our "bring a friend" drive, etc… but there is more that we could do! Just think of all of the museums in this state… do they have a display related to time? Nautical museums with chronometers for instance? Would they like to have one sponsored by Chapter #87? Would the local grammar school like to hear a clockmaker explain how a simple clock works??? Or maybe how to build their own water clock? Would the high school like to have a watchmaker at a career day? Would ALL of the watch guys like to see more watchmakers????

My whole point in this conversation is that we can build a team in Chapter #87 that can create an outreach program that can not only bring more members to the chapter, resulting in more people to buy, sell, and trade with… young people amazed and fascinated by the world of clocks and watches - we can build a chapter that can be our legacy… one to be proud of! The people who not only can say they saw it turn around, but that they were a part of it!

A reminder – annual dues should be paid in full this meeting. Please look at the address label on your notice mailing - the bottom of the label will tell you what year you are paid through.

This will be a busy meeting. We will have our "Look what I found" display that Luceli Andriopoulos is overseeing… remember to bring something cool to share with the group. The Mart is always busy… but consider stopping at my table to talk about how to become part of the team that is helping us grow! Time??? I am asking for a couple of hours a month if you are busy, to as much as we need to keep you out of trouble!

I can't wait for the 20th to see you all and talk about moving forward.


Chapter #87 meets on the 3rd Sunday of the odd months excluding July.
2015: Nov. 15  2016: Jan 17 and Mar 20

Meetings Past

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Spring Hill Suites

view of mart room

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March 17, 2013
Holiday Inn

John Fitzwilliam in Look What I Found!

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January 20, 2012
Spring Hill Suites

Dan Haff in Look What I Found!

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