Greater Massachusetts Chapter 87 NAWCC

Micah Tasker

  Steve Murphy



Sunday, May 17, 2015
Spring Hill Suites
43 Newbury Street/Route 1N
Peabody, Mass

See Directions.   Hotel's map page.
Call Spring Hill Suites at 978-535-5000 for cancellation information.

8:15 A.M. - PRE-REGISTRATION begins.


8:30 A.M. - MART OPENS (& Look what I found display)

9:00 A.M. - Talk In The Corner (Silent Auction opens)

10:00 A.M. - (Silent Auction closes)

12:00 P.M. - MART CLOSES

Talk In The Corner - Micah Tasker - Collecting New or Used?

Must be a member of NAWCC to attend Mart, but you can bring a guest.

Mart Registration $5 ($7 after 5/13); Full table $6 ($8 after 5/13).

Make checks payable to Greater Mass Chapter No. 87, NAWCC
Please mail your check and registration to:
Steve Murphy, P.O. Box 308, North Eastham, MA 02651

President's Message

Many of you who know me know that I spent 30 years in the automobile industry most of which was in either managing dealerships or in training management teams in dealerships. Selling cars really consists of two components: creating a well trained professional sales staff to satisfy customer needs so that you make a sale… and getting those customers to show up at your door. The lengths that dealers go to get people to show up at their doors is amazing, everything from sales to gimmicks of all types, but in the end it boils down to advertising of some type… TV, radio, print ads… but it does not end there!

Businesses from car dealers to furniture stores to cable TV and more realize the power of advertising. Billions of dollars are spent in this country every year on advertising. Even non-sports fans look forward to the Super Bowl ads ever year! The REALLY amazing thing in ALL studies done across multiple industries shows that there is ONE FORM of advertising that not only delivers customers, but multiplies their chances of making a purchase AND… it's FREE! It's word of mouth… or referrals!

Now this may shock everyone reading this but NAWCC and our Chapter #87 is no different from theses businesses. Since I was elected president we have developed programs to get our name out like using old Bulletins in waiting areas to attract interest in chapter #87, using the NAWCC E-Mail Blast to announce meetings, and even printing coupons to allow a "free look" at our meetings but the one source that I do not think we have taken advantage of is "word of mouth!"

I am VERY lucky that my wife comes to all of our meetings… as our treasurer I don’t believe that she has missed a one but I do not see a lot of spouses. Why don't we start there? How about the kids or grandchildren? Wouldn’t we ALL like to know that someone in our family’s had an interest in our passion for timepieces? Why not bring them along to the meeting?

To our watchmakers who have developed a relationship with your customers… bring them along to find that next treasure (that you can service.) Maybe that pocket watch collector might find a marketing piece from his favorite brand or maybe the odd part that you have been looking for?

Don’t we ALL have a friend, neighbor, co-worker, relative, spouse, child, grandchild, sibling, long lost cousin that we could bring along to the meeting???? How about a lifelong enemy??? Get them addicted too… what GREAT REVENGE!

I guess the entire point to this conversation is that I think that each of us has people in our lives that might be interested in sharing in our interest in watches and clocks that you could bring along. Can we at least commit to NOT keeping it a secret?


Chapter #87 meets on the 3rd Sunday of the odd months excluding July.
2015: Jan. 18th, March 15th, May 17th, Sept. 20 and Nov. 15

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Spring Hill Suites

view of mart room

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John Fitzwilliam in Look What I Found!

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Spring Hill Suites

Dan Haff in Look What I Found!

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