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Slide 23: Michael Edidin's
James Russell No. 145 (20145)

  • Michael Edidin sent me his Russell for hands on examination. In my hand I would have sworn it was a Waltham, untill I measured the parts. They were not exactly the same size as Waltham parts. A great copy!
  • Interestingly each movement has a subassembly serial number stamped on the parts like Walthams, but the sub-number is not from the movement number, although a different sub-number is also stamped on the parts which does match the movement number; all of which makes one think "remanufactured Walthams".
  • The plates and pillars appear to be identical with the pillars in the exact same locations; even an AWCo dial fits perfectly. It even has the Model 57 train arrangement, and the layout appears to be identical. It also has all the same subassembly parts. However, although the subassembly parts look the same and correct for the grade, they are not the same exact size.

So who made this
James Russell watch?