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Slide 2: The A.W. Co. Broadway 

  • "Evolution Of The first Successful Industrialized Watch" as chronicled in Origins of the Waltham Model 57. This presentation assumes audience is familiar with the History of the Waltham Watch Company.
  • The (lowly) Broadway, last grade in the Model 57 series.
  • Despised by collectors. Only saving grace is that it looks like a Civil War era watch, although it was made 10 yrs. later (1876).
  • No key guard on winding square.
  • Regulator index engraved on plate.
  • Sprung under balance, nickel.
  • No Fogg's center safety pinion.
  • YET, sold more Broadways per production year than any other M57 grade. Paved the way to the success of the A.W. Co.
  • I'm still looking for the last M57 made, probably a Broadway around serial number 1,300,000.