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Slide 15: Nameless With S/N 809723

  • This eBay watch scared me. It has 2 pair plate jewels which normally come with stem wind versions of the Model 57. This watch is key wind. I thought it was a mixed parts movement.
  • Sorry for the poor photo quality (typical eBay fare). The movement is nameless except for the serial number.
  • Moreover, the plate jewels have fake settings seen on P.S. Bartletts, not on Wm. Ellery. However, the S/N Ledger lists this movement as a Wm. Ellery Nameless movement.
  • Maybe I should have bid on it because it is such an oddity.
  • When I refer to identifying movements in this presentation, I mean standard factory production units. There are also the possibilities of employee watches and just plain "oddities".