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Slide 13: Recognizing Fakes and Non-Walthams 

  • Collectors with good memory and familiarity with M57s will recognize fakes right away, even good ones. Nevertheless, for the uninitiated, here are good examples where the data helps.
  • On the AT&Co "fake":
    • sprung under hairspring with hidden stud (although like an early PSB, not on an AT&Co)
    • signature on wrong position on plate; script signature not used till approximately S/N 310000.

  • On the Wm. Ellery "fake":
    • style of lettering "Wm" & "Boston" not quite the same as on real Ellery
    • index is different and larger; jewel holes are larger.

  • This data will also help identify mixed parts movements; also Newark/Cornell movements which look a lot like M57s.
  • To recognize a Waltham movement used in a private label or unmarked movement, as a rule of thumb, if your movement has real jewels settings, it probably is an AT&Co grade; 15Js with garnet jewels in fake settings, a WWCo; 11Js with translucent jewels in fake settings, a PSB; burnished jewels, an Ellery.